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„Iceberg” cake

Very impressive cake with pudding mass and glaze, wich was prepared from powdered milk. My favourite recipe for cake without baking. Unearthly taste.

Preparation time 40 min


For  pudding mass:

  • 1 l  milk
  • 3 pudding with a creamy flavour (3 x 40 g)
  • 200 g sugar
  • 1 vanilla sugar packaging  (16 g)
  • 20 g wheat flour cake
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 250 g butter or margarine

For glaze:

  • 250 g milk powder
  • 130 g sugar
  • 140 ml water
  • 250 g butter or margarine
  • 1,5 spoons of cocoa


  • 2 packages of rectangular cocoa biscuits (250 g)
  • 1 packages of round biscuits (180 g)


Pudding mass

  1. Beat egg yolks in a bowl, until they double they volume. Then add sugar and vanilla sugar, and mix few minutes untill egg yolks will become lighter. Then add 200 ml milk, flour and puddings. Mix all to combie ingredients.
  2. Boli the rest of the milk in the pot with wide bottom. When it will boilinig add eggs mass with puddings thin stream, mix evetrything all the time. Pudding boil untill it wiil be dense and there will apear buble of steam. Take off the pot from the fire, and put the aluminium foil or food wrap on the top of pudding (this help not to emerge sheepskin on the pudding). Leave it to the cool down.
  3. Beat butter in a bowl (it should have room temperature) for fluffy mass. Then add gradualny cold pudding and mix everything until the mass will be solid and smooth.
  4. Divide the pudding for two parts (one of it should has 100 g more pudding than in the second part)
  5. Cover rectangular baking plate (24 x 38 cm) with baking paper. Cover bottom of the plate with rectangular cocoa biscuits. Cut some of them if it need to cut, to fell the bottom of baking plate.
  6. Pour the bigger part of pudding on the rectangular cocoa biscuits. And cover the pudding with the second part of the rectangular biscuits. Pour the second part of the pudding (the smoller one). Spread it over the entire surface.
  7. Round biscuit cut for two parts. Half of each biscuit put in the pudding layer in a row edgeways. The halfs of biscuits should contact eachother and should be press to the rectangular biscuits on the bottom. The rows should have 1 cm intervals.

The glaze

  1. Dissolve the butter or margarine in the saucepan with the water. When the butter or margarine melts add the sugar. Mix everything untill the sugar will dissolve.
  2. Pour it in the bowl, add powder milk and mix all untill the mass will be smooth. Divide it for two parts. Add cocoa to the one of them, and mix by the spoon to combie ingredients.
  3. Pour the hot glaze on the top of the cake. Take same glaze (the dark glaze) on the spoon and let it run down a spoon. Do it untill the glaze will end. Then do the same with the second part of the glaze, with the light one.
  4. Put the cake to the fridge for few hours at least. Do it preferably for 12  hours, it let the biscuits

Bon appetit!

The recipe is in English in PDF

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